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Echo Natural Beauty offers an extensive list of massages. Read more about the best one for you.




Aromatic Massage:   30 min for $55 / 60 min for $90 / 90 min for $130

This massage combines techniques such as deep tissue, acupressure, Thai massage, stretching, cupping, and relaxation. It is customized to your needs and ideal pressure. We recommend calling the shop 503-805-4074 to book your next Aromatic Massage.


Reflexology: 60 min for $90

This treatment will help restore balance in your body through reflexology points in your hands, feet, and ears.


Head, Neck, and Shoulders:  30 min for $55

This massage brings relief to tired muscles and energizes the mind and body.

Extend and Enhance Your Massage:

 Eye Mask Treatment 15 min for $25

For more youthful, vital looking eyes, add the Eye Mask to firm, tighten and hydrate the eye area. Finished with a liquid crystalline serum that softens and enhances the cellular renewal process.

Foot Reflexology 15 min for $25

This popular treatment applies direct pressure to the feet to promote full-body relaxation and healing for the whole body.


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