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Alima Pure Cream Concealer




A comfortable full-coverage concealer that gives you coverage right where you want it. It’s made with hydrating vitamin-rich ingredients and uses the warmth of your skin to blend seamlessly. Cream Concealer comes in shades that match our Liquid Silk Foundation for traceless coverage to enhance your skin--not hide it. Cream Concealer comes in a sleek refillable compact.
Cream Concealer minimizes dark circles balances redness hides blemishes and erases hyperpigmentation. It blends easily for full coverage that neutralizes brightens and disappears without a trace. Nourishing ingredients like beeswax avocado oil shea butter and tocopherol soothe and protect your skin while you wear it. This balmy buttery formula is easily applied with a sponge brush or your fingertips.

Shade Descriptions

Pearl: For light skin tones with cool or neutral undertones

Dream: For light to medium skin tones with cool or neutral undertones

Dew: For light skin tones with warm or neutral undertones

Spice: For medium skin tones with warm or neutral undertones


Squalane: Olive-oil derived moisturizer that mimics the skin's natural emollients keeping the skin supple and smooth.

Shea Butter: Protective and emollient with Vitamin E and carotene for fresh blendable coverage that melts into your skin.

Beeswax: Adds a breathable protective barrier that moves with your skin for comfortable seamless coverage.

Tocopherol: Made from Sunflower oil and filled with unsaturated fatty acids to restore your complexion to its even-toned glory.

Avocado Oil: Boosts collagen production and epidermal elasticity for firm hydrated skin.

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