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An Interview With Our Lovely Yogi Client, Jana

The beautiful Jana is all about living a balanced, meaningful and healthy life. She is an accountant at Nike Monday through Friday and teaches yoga on the weekends. She is also a fellow green beauty lover and always a complete joy to be around!

Below we have a super short and sweet interview with Jana that is packed with value. 


Best self care tip?

Take time for yourself every day, even if it is just for one minute! I was in back to back meetings one day at work this week and during the one break I had, a coworker approached me for some help. I told him that I needed a couple of minutes and took a restroom break, which included taking some mindful breaths. I returned to him a better version of myself than I would have been without that!

Tell us about your experience as a yoga teacher. How did your yoga journey begin?

When I first started working in public accounting, I was having trouble sleeping and could not get my brain to stop. One of my coworkers invited me to a yoga class and it became, and still is today, one of the only things that enables me to focus on the present moment and let stress go.

What is your go to outfit for a crisp autumn day?

Jeans, a button-up flannel shirt, my favorite Converse Jack Purcell sneakers, pearl earrings and my army green puffy jacket!

Favorite season?

Autumn - hands down! The leaves changing, the holidays, the football, the coziness. What’s not to love?

Most used Echo product?

Kimmer’s amazing Aromatic Home & Body Spray. I spritz it on my hair, on my clothes before I put them on and in every single room in my home, including on my pillow!

Favorite thing about living in Portland?

The people, with the views as a close second!

Favorite spot to grab a bite in Portland?

Marukin Ramen.

Best beauty tip for being a beautiful person inside and out?

Be yourself! Everybody else is taken. I cannot think of a more beautiful way to be than to fully embrace who you are and let it shine through!