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Sugaring is a safe, pure and all-natural alternative to waxing. Instead of wax, sugaring uses a simple, three-ingredient mixture of sugar, water, and lemon. A ball of this body-temperature sugar is applied to the skin, then “flicked off” in the direction of the hair growth. The age-old method is our favorite natural hair removal technique because it can be performed on shorter hairs than wax, is less irritating to sensitive skin, washes off with water alone, produces less waste than waxing, and is much less painful than traditional waxing methods. Even better? Regular sugaring minimizes in-grown hairs and can eventually lead to a decrease in hair growth.

Echo Natural Beauty founder Jami Sherman was the first esthetician to introduce sugaring to the Portland market, and she never tires of hearing satisfied clients say, "I’ll never go back to waxing."

All sugaring at Echo Natural Beauty is performed by highly trained and experienced estheticians with the aromatherapeutic and antiseptic benefits of 100% natural and effective plant-based products formulated by our team. If you want something sugared but don't see it on our menu below, just let us know!



Brow Design $25

Lip $15

Brow & Lip $40

Nose $10

Chin $20

Cheeks $20

Sideburns $20

Full Face $40

Full Face w/ Brows $60


Bikini $35

Extended Bikini $45

Brazilian $65

Brazilian Monthly $55

Between the Cheeks $15

Buttocks $30


Underarm $20

Half Arm $40

Full Arm $55

Half Leg $45

Full Leg $80


Men’s Back $65

Men's Back Maintenance $55

Men's Neck $25

Men's Shoulders $25

Men's Underarms $25

Men's Chest $40

Men’s Abs $40

Men's Chest + Abs $70

Men's Half Leg $45

Men's Full Leg $80

Men's Brows $25

Men's Nose $10

Men's Ears $20



Brow Design $25

Brow Design and Tint $45

Brow Tint $20

Lash Tint $30

Brow & Lash Tint $50

Battington Lash Application $30 includes lashes