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Our most popular service, the Custom Facial is given by our expertly trained aestheticians with your specific needs in mind. Echo Custom Facial includes:

Deep, gentle cleanse

Pore-opening steam

Gentle exfoliation to brighten and smooth

Anti-Stress Techniques

Lymphatic massage to increase circulation and reduce puffiness

Eco Luxe skin care by exclusive brands devoted to pure and sustainable ingredients

Custom protocol determined by you and your aesthetician

Perfect for: All Humans

75 Minutes $160 | 90 Minutes $200


This avant-garde skin treatment is rendered exclusively by our Advanced Aestheticians by using a pen containing fine needles (CLICK HERE TO SEE OUR VIDEO ABOUT MICRONEEDLING) which puncture the surface of the skin, creating a healing channel that triggers the body to fill the microscopic punctures with new collagen and elastin. Microneedling noticeably improves skin texture and firmness, reduces scars, pore size, and stretch marks. Our Microneedling includes:

Microneedling with medical-grade, stainless steel pen


Nourishing, organic Eco Luxe skin products to reduce redness

Perfect for: Most Skin Types, Mature Skin

$325 per Session | Package of 4 $1100



This treatment targets skin that is prone to hormonal disruptions due to hormonal fluctuations, HRT, and acne. Our aestheticians provide calming and healing treatments that specifically address your skin, and includes:

Specialized Hormone Skincare Protocol

Healing and Balancing Techniques

Anti-Inflammatory Products

Gentle Facial Detox

Address Underlying Causes

LED light therapy

Perfect for: Teens, HRT, All Transitioning Skin

90 Minutes $195


Using the divine intelligence of whole plant organics and intuitive touch, this comprehensive facial with light bodywork is perfect for ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation. The Ritual includes:

Soothing facial massage

LED light therapy

Manual lymph drainage


Crystal Therapy

Chinese Gua Sha

Whole body lift // tone // nourishment

Organic, Eco Luxe skincare products

Perfect for: Anyone With A Little Magic In Their Soul, Deep Self-Care

105 Minutes $265

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