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Skincare For Men at ECHO

Back in February we had a Valentine's Day package that consisted of two 75 minute Echo Custom Facials. We had a couple of gals bring in the special man in their life - each male that came into the shop that day came in not quite sure if they would really find value in a facial. After the facial though, they were all amazed at what an incredibly relaxing and rejuvenating experience it was!

Just goes to show though, although many of the men in our lives refuse to adopt a skincare routine - it just might give them the added rejuvenation that they need!

An entire skincare line that we think many men would enjoy if they gave it a chance is the Dr. Alkaitis skincare line.



Created by a male chemist, the Dr. Alkaitis line is incredible for all skin types - it is cleansing, healing, and made of incredible ingredients that mesh together to create refreshing scents that men and women would both enjoy. 

Two more products that we know most men would enjoy are May Lindstrom's Pendulum Potion and Berlin Skin's Black Spruce Body Oil


Both of these products are phenomenal oils for the face and body with lovely unisex scents. In addition to adding hydration to the face and body, they also work phenomenally as beard oils! 

Ask any fella with a beard who has tried a beard oil, they will tell you that it is a product that is worth the hype. 

Next up, lets talk about deodorant. We all wear it and here at Echo we have two different scents that we think will appeal to all of the men out there. 

Agent Nateur's Holi(Man) and Holi(Stick) are great deodorants that absorb odor and leave fresh unisex scents on the skin. 


Lastly is Arcona's Tea Tree Mask. This product will be the gift with purchase in our upcoming Father's Day Special this year!

Tea Tree Essential Oil is another great cleansing and invigorating ingredient. This mask is perfect for quickly and effectively cleaning out those pores!


So the next time one of the men in your life says that adopting a skincare routine would cost them their "man card" (actual quote from an Echo Client's husband!) send them our way and we will show them just how much funtionality some good skincare products can add to their lives!