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Why We Love Dr. Alkaitis

We have shared a lot about some of our favorite skincare brands on our blog, we've touched on indulging in May Lindstrom products, the biodynamic and carefully grown ingredients in Laurel Skin and many more. Today we want to share why we (and our clients!) have an undying obsession with Dr. Alkaitis. 


The story of how Dr. Alkaitis became the phenomenal skincare brand that it is today is quite unique. Dr. Alkaitis worked as a chemist for 25 years before beginning to develop skincare products. He began experimenting with creating skincare products after being appalled at the questionable ingredients in a moisturizer his wife brought home from the health food store that was labeled as 'natural'. Later on, his daughter, Trish, developed severe cystic acne and found relief from her acne through a formula that is now known as the Dr. Alkaitis Soothing Gel. From here, Dr. Alkaitis focused on creating products that would bring balance to all skin types - including the most acne prone.  

The Soothing Gel is an aloe based hydrator that is ideal for calming the skin. While all of the Dr. Alkaitis products are anti viral, anti bacterial, and anti inflammatory, the Soothing Gel delivers the most of those properties. 



The Dr. Alkaitis Herbal Toner is quite similar to the Soothing Gel, however the ingredients do vary slightly. The toner actually has an approximate SPF of 6 just from the plant based ingredients in the product! Trish says that the Herbal Toner is best for normal skin and that the Soothing Gel is ideal for problem skin.


Trish recommends mixing two pumps of the Herbal Toner with one pump of the Nourishing Treatment Oil to create a lightweight serum. We also love mixing two pumps of the Soothing Gel with one pump of the Nourishing Treatment Oil. 

The Nourishing Treatment Oil is another product from the line that Trish swears helped in curing her acne and in healing and fading her acne scars. It also smells amazing an makes a fantastic body oil!



Not a fan of oil moisturizers? Dr. Alkaitis also formulated a Day Creme and a Night Creme. Like the Herbal Toner, the Day Creme also has an approximate SPF of 6. While both cremes were formulated to nourish the skin (as all Dr. Alkaitis products are!) the Night Creme is a bit heavier than the Day Creme and is specially formulated to hep repair the skin at the day's end. 

Feeling smitten with Dr. Alkaits already? Welcome to our world! These aren't even all of the products that this ultra calming and nourishing skincare line offers. There is also the Organic Facial Cleanser (an Echo staff favorite!) that contains gentle enzymes that offer light exfoliation that is perfect for everyday. Dr. Alkaitis also has the under eye area covered with the Organic Eye Creme, formulated with green tea and caffeine to stimulate the under eye area. 



Book a facial with one our fabulous estheticians to experience all of the ultra calming and nourishing benefits that the Dr. Alkaitis skincare line has to offer!